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From Here to Awesome: Film Festivals Don't Work.

If you haven't heard about From Here to Awesome yet, this video outlines a lot of the ideas behind it. There's some pretty strong sentiment here, and not all of it will be welcome to the ears of festival organizers. However, it's hard to deny that the business of independent film is overdue for a transformation.

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Brian Owens said...

Sorry, but I call bogus. I especially respect what FOUR EYED MONSTERS was able to do - I think it's great.

However, they complain about "film festivals" in general, but their gripes are almost exclusively about Sundance. I agree, I think the standard method is broken, but it's these same filmmakers who have continued to support the status quo. Sundance gets like 8,000 entries while smaller fests get like 500. If filmmakers want to fix the festival circuit, stop depending on Sundance, SXSW, and Tribeca and start spreading things out. The buyers will start following the filmmakers, believe me.

Online distribution is fine, but I prefer to see a good movie on the big screen and that's what I think GOOD festivals are about - allowing the public and the filmmakers access to one another.